Episode 26: Getting Rid Of The Chains | A Study On Galatians

We are going to continue our study on Galatians – chapter 4. In this chapter, Paul talks about Hagar & Sarah. If you are not familiar with their story in the Old Testament, I’m going to bring you up to speed. Abraham & Sarah were married, they were old (almost 100), and never had children. God promised them they would have a son and many descents (as much as stars in the sky).

They had to wait 15 years for this promise, and during this 15 years they lost hope, and Sarah suggested that Abraham would have a son with their slave Hagar. He did, and she gave birth to Ishmael.

God wasn’t happy with Abraham trying to do things his way, but in due time God fulfilled His promises, because that’s what God does. And Sarah gave birth to Isaac.

When Isaac was little, Ishmael made fun of him, and Sarah got really upset. God told Abraham to tell Hagar and Ishmael to live. God would take care of them, but God wanted to show that when we live in God’s truth we are free, but when we live by our own choices, we are slaves.

In Galatians 4:28 Paul says that Isaac represents the son born by the power of the Spirit, and Ishmael represents the son born according to the flesh. Scripture tells us to – Get rid of the slave women and her son, for the slave women’s son will never share the inheritance with the free woman’s son.

These scriptures are not justifying any physical slavery. It is 100% talking about spiritual slavery.

What Paul is saying, along with all the scriptures in Genesis, is that we are children of the free woman, which means – He are children of God. We are not slaves. But that is a verse that gets overlooked – verse 30 Get rid of the slave women and her son, for the slave women’s son will never share the inheritance with the free woman’s son.

Scripture is telling us we have to get rid of our baggage. Get rid of what is holding us in bondage. Get rid of the open doors that allows Satan to get into us. That will look different to each one of us, because we may struggle with different sins, but at the end of the day, the process of cleaning the house is the same.

In this episode we go over 2 steps to help you get rid of the chains.


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