Welcome to Season 2!

After lots of prayer, God redirected us to a new season, and gave us a new name!

In season one (previously called Eden Faith Podcast) we focused on studying different topics and books of the Bible, in season 2, now called FAITH NOT SIGHT, we will talk about faith and how to live a Spirit lead life in the midst of reality. We will break the idea that you have to be in ministry to live by the Spirit. 

The Word of God says “I will pour out my Spirit in ALL people”, that means IF you accepted Christ as your Savior you received the Holy Spirit. You have all you need to hear directly from God, He is talking directly to you! All you need to do is learn to listen to His voice. 

And this is what we will walk through together here. We will talk about listening to God’s voice in real life, with real examples of family situations, work, and much more. We will see what it looks like and how we navigate between listening and actually doing what He says.

Welcome to the FAITH NOT SIGHT PODCAST! Join us every week for a new episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to both our newsletter (where I will remind you of new episodes and send you encouragement) AND to the podcast where you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts).  

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