Do women hold our passions back for the sake of religion?

Contrary to what many churches teach, we see many instances in the Bible where Jesus Himself chose women to be the bearers of the gospel. We also see how big of a liberator He truly was for women. I believe that God is going to speak directly to you through this blog and podcast. I want to empower you to lean into your dreams and do what YOU, directly, are called to. Instead of toning yourself down, or blending into “the certain way church people behave”, I believe the Lord is calling you into a place of full surrender into your own skin. The Lord placed your soul into your skin for a reason, with exact talents and gifts for the furthering of the kingdom of God. Whatever you feel you have to be, forget it. You will be granted will the full peace of the Lord once you allow Him to usher you in to the place you were molded together for. Men and women alike were made to live in the fullness of God. So, onto the main topic, we must break this lie from the enemy that women have no place to teach in the church. If we continue to silence the passion of Godly women, the “big C church” will never grow to its full potential. There is still to this day such a deafening stigma and oppression placed on women who desire to pursue ministry. Why is this? Is it because churches feel what they’re teaching is Biblical? Or does it just feel “right” to them? Let’s look at what the Word of God actually has to say about this exact topic.  

Now, on the most important day, the day of Resurrection, who did God choose to spread the good news? You guessed, women. Despite the fact that women’s words were completely invisible at that time, He chose women to go and tell. On to the story of the Samaritan Woman in John 4. He chose her, a woman with all types of sin, married 5 times, who know one listened to. Jesus picked her, not a man, to go and tell her entire community about the goodness of God. He also chose a woman to tell that He was the one true Messiah for the first time. The story of Mary and Martha is another prime example of why women should be able to teach in the church. Let’s dive in. In summary, Martha was mad that Mary wasn’t getting up to clean and prepare the house to serve the men that were learning the scripture. Mary was sitting with Jesus, soaking in every ounce of knowledge she could receive. Jesus tells Martha, Mary is doing what is right! Jesus flat out said Mary is learning about the kingdom of God, which is more important than cleaning your house, how many Bible studies you do, or anything else distracting you from the Lord. Another super important take away of this story comes from looking deep into the time in history this story took place in. The church loves to say that women need to rock babies in the nursery and men should be teaching in the sanctuary. Most churches nowadays still live as if men were supposed to be learning about God and women was supposed to be serving. I’ve been serving in church for years, many different ministries and can 100% confirm that women serve the church, and a very small amount men serve by choice, most men who are serving do it because their wives made them be there! Jesus was saying that both men and women should be at my feet soaking in knowledge of the scriptures so you can then BOTH go out and spread (teach) the good news of my gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, plus so much more (Matthew 28:19-20). 

Let’s go back to the Old Testament in Judges and talk about Deborah. Deborah was leader of the people of God in Israel at that time. Deborah is the judge of all the people and is leading them into battle. There was a man by the name of Barak (who Deborah recruited as a general) who she asked to go into battle. Long story short, he was too scared to go alone and asked Deborah to come with him. Deborah then led them to a mighty victory over their oppressors. This is just another incredible story in which the Lord chose a woman to lead a mass group of people… HIS people. Esther is yet another example of a woman who was chosen to lead and teach. She happened to be married to someone who wasn’t a man of God and still chose the path of freedom through Jesus. She chose to go against her husband’s ruling (which was MEGA frowned on in that day) to teach and lead people to freedom in Jesus’ name. Two more examples: Lydia who was a church planter and leader and Priscilla who was Co-leader of a church with her husband. This is how the Lord made us as women… to be leaders of the church and teachers of the gospel! 

Let’s lastly look into the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, “The Spirit of God” in Hebrew is “Ruach Elohim”. The amazing thing about this text in that “Ruach” is actually a feminine noun meaning “spirit” and “Elohim” in a masculine noun. This is saying, the Spirit of God is neither male or female. When we look at the New Testament, Paul writes about how we will all be viewed the same in the end.. all male and female will all be the same. We were made in the image of God, and when we then use the context we just learned, we were made in no certain male or female image, we were made to serve and lead in the same ways. God created His creation to lead and serve identically to each other, with no certain titles or hierarchy. Not men over women, but women and men aligned as one working together at the same level for the same cause. Continuing in the story, when He created the man, He then says that man should not be alone.. “It is not good” (Genesis 2:18). The man needed a “helper” or “Ezer Kenegdo” in Hebrew. God did not create women to have the same helping abilities as Himself. He created men and women BOTH in His image. “Ezer Kenegdo” is so much more than a helper. It’s more of a co-leader, co-helper, one that is on the same level of authority. In Genesis, the Lord is saying how perfectly melded together men and women are to become one. God is calling men and women to propel each other to foster a community of equality to bring heaven to earth. When the church claims that women shouldn’t teach in the church it goes against everything the Word has to say. In Genesis 1:26-28, we read of God giving dominion over the earth to humans. That is not God giving men dominion over women or even vice versa. Adam desperately needed Eve. And I’m not saying this as if Eve was better than Adam, I believe that is the first representation of what God wants as a completion of ONE in marriage. If the man loves God he will lead his family to Christ and he will love the co-leadership of his wife, because alone we can move thousands, but together we can move tens of thousands. But if the man doesn’t know Christ, or worse, if he is tormented by Satan, we cannot accept blindly his leadership, because he could be leading us to hell (the same is with women in leadership), this is the goal of the religious spirit of Satan. We must cast it out, in Jesus’ name. This is very counter cultural because the world gives us a message that we are enough and we don’t need anyone to better ourselves. As much I believe God calls many people to singleness for His purpose, I also believe God created us for relationship, and specifically he created man & women to work TOGETHER as ONE. That means they co-lead, with love and respect. 

Are you silencing your passion for the satisfaction of religion? What would it look like if you let the lion in your lungs out? I can assure you that the Lord will never punish you for furthering His kingdom. Don’t allow the dark cloud of lies to cover the biblically sound truth that women can teach in the church. You were born with the gifts you have for a reason. Whether you are a loud speaker, a home-schooler, a fantastic cook, or the best gym trainer around. You were given that gift for the furthering of the Kingdom of God. Let me also assure you that I don’t have all the answers. I don’t claim to be a theologian or someone that has the exact words for everyone’s needs, but we do have the Bible which I can promise holds all the answers to every single concern you have (James 1:5). Women, go and teach. Women, spread the gospel like wildfire. Women, do what God has gifted you to do.  

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