Have You Been Wondering Why Women Don’t Want To Have Many Kids Anymore?

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hello, hello friends. Today I want to talk about a topic that I hear a lot in discussion and I hear a lot of people in the Christian community judging women that decide either to not have kids or have less kids. And this morning I was reading Genesis, and I was talking to my husband about that I recently bought a filament by Bo and this is not an ad, okay, I just got it and I’m loving it. It goes like it there’s an app for people who love study Bibles, love to, like really go deep into Scripture. That is amazing because there’s an app for that. Go and you say like the page you are in then you can like really dig into Scripture and see many different notes from different theologians and and understand like the whole comp concept, right? So since I got them just recently, I start reading the Bible all over again I there they have like Bible reading plans, and they chose like, read a Bible in a new year in which I’m not like super I have to read it every day type of person. I do read the Bible every day. But sometimes I just don’t feel like reading the plan. I feel like reading a psalm or something. It really depends on what I feel like God’s telling me that day. You know what I’m saying? I am very free flowing when I’m reading the Bible, but I am also in parallel with that. doing like a plan to read the Bible in a new year just with this new Bible, right? A few like me like to write notes on your Bibles and all that you know what a big deal it is to change your Bible, but my old one was completely falling apart and it was time to get a new one. But anyway, so I’m looking into Genesis, and I was reading the story of Judah and Tamar, which, if you don’t know that story, it’s in Genesis 38. It talks about how Judah had three sons weren’t married this Tamar and he died without giving her a child and back then that was a big deal having a child so his other son, marry her, but he did not want to have a child because the first child would be would be keeping his brother’s name. So he didn’t want to have a child. And then Judah was like, Okay, go back to your family leave as a widow there. And we’ll figure that out later. Long story short, Judah go do business in her town. she pretend to be a prostitute. He hires her for the service, and she wound up getting pregnant and in having a twin from him, so you can go and read it for yourself. Okay, but then I was telling my husband that story like I was like, we were kind of talking about it, you know? And then he said, It’s so interesting that women back then, was so obsessed with having kids like they wouldn’t even go through that like you’re pretending to be a prostitute just you have a kid. Right? And he’s like, and now it’s so different. And then it made me think of how the church will judge a lot the women who either decide to have no kids or little kids and say that they live in the world. But if you really look into the historical context, back then, having a son or multiple sons was financial instability. If a widow did not have any sons, she would have no way to make an income because women was not allowed to work. Women was not allowed to carry an inheritance of the family. So she needed a son, so she could have an income until her old age a lot of times also people would die early, because war because of many things. So they wanted to have a multiple sons to guarantee their financial stability to the old age because their sons would be responsible for them. So we look at it and a lot of people like to say that is just beautiful that women there were careless and they was just following God’s guidance in Genesis one of the four multiply but the women who was worried about their financial stability, because because in Genesis three when there was the fall, the whole beautiful plan of God that both women and men would have dominion over Earth and have an abundant life and if abundant resources were broken because of sin, and patriarchy started and then man took sinful charge of women and didn’t allow them to have that abundant life and this injustice is carried today with women and with people poverty and with we can sit here and talk about many different groups that are under oppression and injustice right now. But if we look at here in United States at the job, the career the corporate America rules, rules of engagement, right. And today, I was reading an article this week that was saying that today, corporate America companies in United States and in most countries, they prefer to hire a man that is a father, because a man that is a father has responsibilities and it’s less likely to just quit a job or don’t do your best because they have they need that money. They have that responsibility. But they do not like to women that are mothers. They do not like to hire women that are mothers because they have too many responsibilities outside of work, taking kids to the doctor picking up the med school and so forth. They prefer to hire either young women that do not have kids that are not married, or older women that their kids are no longer at home and no longer need them. So you get the same age group. Let’s say a 35 year old father and a 35 year old mother. The father will have a higher chance to get a job but will be offered a higher pay because the company believes that he’s more trustworthy and the mother will have a less likely chance to get a job, lower pay, because the company believes that she has too much going on outside of work to focus on work. So today, the job market is not just for women’s and mothers. So if we think about why women had kids back then to give them that financial stability because the world isn’t just and because they were not living by God’s design. That’s the same reason why today women did not want to have kids or want to have less kids, because the world doesn’t just and because we are not living by God’s design, which is from Genesis one to both men and women have dominion over Earth and have access to abundant resources. That’s God’s design. So that is the reason every time we see a women a woman saying or discussing this topic, we need to look the Bible in the context instead of just judging the person for their decisions. And if we really want to solve a design issue is not telling women well, I but we just have to die for ourselves and just do whatever we need to do. Because that’s what we’ve been doing. That’s what we’ve been doing since the beginning of time. Since Genesis three we’ve been adding to ourselves and just doing what we had to do but if we really want the justice the god design if we really want God’s plan because what do you think is going to happen when God kingdom come? Do you think it’s going to be a full patriarchy? No, it’s not because Genesis one show, what is going to be when Jesus return? It’s going to be justice for all, every human man and women are made in the image of God are called to exercise dominion and are called to live an abundant life in the world created by God. So when Jesus returned, that’s how it’s going to be. And today as followers of Christ, we have to implement this world. The Kingdom come when we say the fathers prayer, may Your kingdom come that’s when it means made the justice of God’s plan come to work. And then if we want to solve this problem of having we need to have more children, people are not having children today. We need to create a just society. We’re in empower women to have kids and not only tell them, suck it up and have kids because the Earth needs humans. We need to empower them. We need to give them equal job opportunities. We need to give them payment Trinity leave. Men, fathers need to be responsible for the part of the finances of the children that they make. I’m not saying they have to be 100% responsible. I do not believe a man has to be the financial head of the household. I think men and women are partners. I think the design i i truly believe by Genesis one that the design of God is the men and women work together as one. And when God created the world everything he created, he said he was good. When he created one only human which was Adam, he created a human. He said it’s not good. It’s not good because that person is alone and it’s not good that that person do anything alone and I’m going to create the other part. So is as if Adam was a part and then Eve was the other part and they complete each other. So I believe that in a marriage, men and women complete each other that’s what the Bible says you become one. That’s the design of God. So I’m not saying that the man has to pay 100% of the bills of the child but more often than not, single moms I taking care of their children while single dads are disappearing. So if we want to humans to have more kids, we need to look into the just God’s designed from Genesis one and implement those policies today. So women can be empowered to have kids. Because when we look back, the reason why they had all those kids was because they needed guarantee their financial stability 208 Okay, so that’s just a different food for thought. I know. This usually is not printed into POS because men preach and appeals most of the times. They don’t want to tell the truth sometimes right? So because other manners not going to other men’s don’t like when they do that. But anyway, that’s the story for another day. Just go read it for yourself I highly recommend once again this is not an ad I don’t have any discount code for I have not think it would just go on Amazon. You’ll get yourself a filament by Bowie comes with the Bible. And then an app on your phone. And I highly recommend you go back and read Genesis one and look at the the notes and the studies and the videos on the filament Bible when you’re going to see like God’s design unfolding and you can in your pray in the Holy Spirit will refute to you this beautiful place where God created in Genesis one where everybody are made in the image of God. It’s just and it’s fair, and everybody lives abundant. Okay, so I hope that empower you today to either live your life focusing on on God’s original perfect plan, or to look at the Bible with a new set of eyes. Okay, I hope you have a beautiful day. Bye Bye

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