I Believe We Are Made For Abundant Life

This is an automatic transcript from the podcast episode 33.

Hello Hello friends. Today I want to share with you my I believe statement but before I share, I want to tell you how I got to the my belief statement one day without planning to write a belief statement. I was just reading the Bible and I was just going through some things that the Bible was revealing to me and I carry I live a notebook with a pen or a pan so right by that there’s this pot in my house that I like to sit in read the Bible is in one side of our couch. There is a little table those side table coffee tables on the side, and I leave my Bible there it just stays there. All day. It’s our main living room. And I like to get like a cup of coffee. Now I don’t drink I haven’t been drinking coffee for the past month and a half so I get a cup of tea. And I sit there and I read my Bible and I take my notes in this notebook and it does notebook does not really have a flow like one day I write about something and then the next day I just flip the page and I write about something completely different. Whatever God’s revealing to me on that day during that Bible reading during that prayer time. And once in a while I like to go back and read those notes but I don’t do it very often. I do it maybe once every few months or once every six months. And last week, I was looking I was one of those times that I got the notebook and I was looking at that. And then I found this I believe statement and I as I found and I read I remember like the day that I wrote but I did not have this in my mind. Like I’m going to write my belief statement. I just felt like I need to pay in a pen and paper to just kind of express what was in my heart, right and I want to read that to you. Because it’s important for us to know what we believe. Because what we believe is the seed that generate our actions. Because what we believe creates our thoughts and then our thoughts creates our words and creates our actions. So what is in our heart is what is spelled out to our mouth and to our actions. So if we don’t know what we believe, how can that guide how can that uncertainty can guide our words and our action? For the glory of God? You know what I’m saying? This is a real question. So it’s very important that once now I was set back and we kind of jot down some of the thoughts and ideas and things that we believe about who God is and about His word and about his plan for us. Right? So I’m gonna go ahead and read mine to you. And I challenge you to get a piece of paper and a pen and write down things that you believe about who God is and what He wants for you in this life. Okay, so let’s get the fun started. I have just letting you know I have this is a very my notes are very messy because he was I was not planning to show anybody this. So I have 13 points here. 13 paragraphs, okay. So it’s my first one is I believe God’s plan is to restore Eden the Garden of Eden, a place where heaven and earth is together. God’s brand’s presence is everywhere and there is no evil. I believe God came to earth in the person of Jesus to defeat evil and start God’s kingdom. I believe God made humans in his image men and women and then he called all humans, men and women to exercise dominion over Earth. I believe Jesus died on the cross to be the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of humanity, past, present and future. I believe. God chose everyone and gave us the freewill to choose to spend life with him or without him. I believe we are saved by faith in Jesus true grace, not because of anything we have done, but because of what Jesus did on the cross. What he did was enough. I believe the proof of salvation is hard transformation and not behavior modification. I believe God doesn’t send anyone to hell. He honored the choice of leaving life with him or without him in eternity.

I believe that when we believe we receive when we believe in Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God that creates all things. I believe the Holy Spirit also gives us power to conquer individual sin gives us the fruit of the Spirit and the spiritual gifts which both give us the abundant life that Jesus promised as well as the opportunity to partner with God in bringing abundant life to others. I believe salvation is taking us out of Egypt, but freedom is taking the gypped out of us. I’m gonna do a pause on this. This is number 11. And I’m really this decide to do a power of this right now. Just to tell you how important this last one is. I’m going to read it again. I believe salvation has taken us out of Egypt. But freedom is taking the gypped out of us. When we are saved. We receive a new heart but we do not receive a new brain. We have to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. So as we transform our brain, we destroy all the limiting beliefs that Satan gave us. And we replace with the truth of Christ which is eternal and abundant life and that’s what freedom is. Going back to my I believe statement. I believe that God’s plan is that true the power of His Spirit. He will We will partner with him in restoring Eden. I believe that one day Jesus will return and make all things new Eden will be restored a place where the presence of God is everywhere, and there is no evil. And actually I believe that the place will be even better than Eden because Satan had an opportunity to get in there and in this new heaven and new earth, Satanism, not going to have an opportunity to get in there. It’s going to stay outside of the garden. It’s going to stay outside of the new heaven and new world. And my vision is that the truth of God will set us free. Give us the purpose of our heart so long for and give us a tournament abundant life with love, joy and peace. So I hope this blessed you today. I hope this but you a thought of your own belief statements, and let you know that God loves you, and God chose you and that God has an abundant life for you. And all we need to do is renew our minds with the Word of God and with the power of God. And once we renew our minds that matches with our saved heart, we are ready for the abundant life he has for us. So I hope you guys have a great day. And I’ll talk to you soon

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