“I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly” – Jesus (John 10:10)

This podcast is for people who wants to know God’s very good gospel and how to live it in this generation.

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  • Do women hold our passions back for the sake of religion?

    Contrary to what many churches teach, we see many instances in the Bible where Jesus Himself chose women to be the bearers of the gospel. We also see how big of a liberator He truly was for women. I believe that God is going to speak directly to you through this blog and podcast. I […]

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  • Welcome to Season 2!

    After lots of prayer, God redirected us to a new season, and gave us a new name! In season one (previously called Eden Faith Podcast) we focused on studying different topics and books of the Bible, in season 2, now called FAITH NOT SIGHT, we will talk about faith and how to live a Spirit […]

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  • Episode 28: No More Slaves | A Study On Galatians

    Once we receive Christ we become a new creation. We will not be a new creation as we develop and mature in faith. We are a new creation now. There is not we can do to become a new creation. Christ done the full job. If we believe that to become a new creation we […]

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  • Episode 27: Freedom in Christ | A Study On Galatians

    We are in chapter 5 and Paul is getting ready to teach us about life by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. But before that he wants to tell us how serious he is against legalism. Legalism tell us we must change our behavior to know Christ. Scripture tells us we first come to Christ, then […]

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