“I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly” – Jesus (John 10:10)

This podcast is for people who wants to know God’s very good gospel and how to live it in this generation.

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  • Are You Tired Of Feeling Unworthy?

    I’m very passionate about sharing the truth from the Word of God, specially about who He says we are. In today’s episode, we will go over several scriptures that talks about who we are in Christ, to empower you to step into your God given purpose. Click below to listen on: OR listen to the […]

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  • Stop Wondering What Your Spiritual Gifts Are – Part 2

    I truly believe we do better work when we are passionate about what we are doing, and I also believe God put the passions we have in our hearts to fulfill the purpose He has for us. In today’s podcast episode, we continue our conversation about spiritual gifts, and we talk about how you find […]

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  • Stop Wondering What Your Spiritual Gifts Are – Part 1

    Our dreams, visions, and experiences are a map of what our spiritual gifts are and what we need to be doing to live in our zone of genius, or as I like to call  our God given purpose. In this episode, we will talk about 5 truths about Spiritual Gifts that will help guide you […]

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  • That One Time I Actually Did What God Told Me To Do – My Business Story

    God chose this time, place, and the people around you to be part of the story He has for you, and your story is a part of the big story of God.  In this episode I share my business story, the long path, mistakes and learning that comes with taking action based on what we […]

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