I’ve had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with some incredible people, and I would love to chat with you!

Official Bio

Fay Longo is the host of Uplevel God’s Way Podcast, where she talks about living bold in faith, and the founder of Eden Daily Essentials, a brand of all natural handcrafted soaps & skincare that have earned attention for its quality and skin loving ingredients.

As an enneagram 8, she challenges and empower those around her to move from passive to passionate in life, and find their mission in Christ.

Fernanda is a Brazilian – American. She lives in a small town in Indiana with her husband Patrick and their 3 young kids – Juliet, Cecillia and Benjamin.

Expert Topics

  • Finding your God given talents
    • How to look into our passions and zone of genius and tap into the power of spiritual gifts.
  • Learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit
    • God is always talking to us, we must lean in and listen.
  • Being bold in obedience to Christ
    • How can we be courageous with so much judgement around us.
  • Running towards God’s purpose for us
    • What being obedient looks like on normal everyday life.
  • Being obedient to God in the midst of marriage, motherhood and business
    • There is no such a thing as secular occupation in Christianity, once we receive the Holy Spirit we all are given one or more ministries. Let’s talk about how we can build it along family and business.